WEEK ONE - Explosion Awareness

Quick. Fast. Short. Explosive. This is most sprinters favorite type of workout. It's our chance to use our speed in the most direct way. Each push is 110% of your power. 

The following workout is designed to exercise your quick reflex muscles and push them to their max. 



- Bouncy jog for 800 meters

- Good mornings for 40 meters

- Bounding for 40 meters 

- A Skip for 40 meters

- B Skip for 40 meters

- High Knees for 40 meters

- Butt kick high knees for 40 meters

- Leg kicks for 20 meters(there and back) 

- Quad stretch for 20 meters(there and back) 

- Lunges for 20 meters(there and back)

- Squats for 20 meters(there and back) 



- Straight Leg Bound for 75 meters, full sprint 25 meters (for a total of 100 meters)    X     4 

- Rest 2 minutes in between 

- 50 meter sprints X 6 

- Walk back for rest 


Cool Down: 

- Slow jog for 5 minutes 

- Stretch & Roll Out 


Remember to hydrate 6 hours before your workout. Hydrate lightly during your workout. And replenish with lean protein and lots of fluids. Our sports drink of choice is Body Armour