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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my product have a warranty?

Every product has a 30 day warranty. Return it, free of charge. Contact us for a return label. 

If my product rips or tears, can I get it replaced?

If the product is beyond it's 30 day warranty, email us with photos and a description of the issue. Each situation will be dealt with individually and the decision will be based on all factors. In some cases, we may repair it. In some cases we may replace it. 

Where can I purchase LOPE products?

All LOPE products can be purchased on loperunning.com or through any of our social media accounts. LOPE products cannot be purchased from anywhere else. 

How can I get free shipping?

Orders above $99 qualify for free shipping. 

How do I return my item?

If a return is needed, please email contact@loperunning.com to request a return label with a description of why a return is needed. 

How do I find the right size?

Each product has descriptions, size charts, and overall fit categories. Please use all information, in some cases even reviews, to make the best decision possible.